Wednesday, September 29, 2010

So Glad That Is Over

Today, I had to go for a Barium Esophagram.  Well, let me just say I'm glad that part is over.

I got there and had to get in to a robe.  Then, they started by taking a few regular x-rays of the throat area.  After that, the radiology doctor came in to perform the Barium Esophagram. 

I was given something to drink which was like alka seltzer.  I've never had alka seltzer before, so it was interesting but not bad.  They asked that I not burp.  I laughed because honestly, I never do.  Thankfully, I didn't this time either.  After that, they had turned the bed to a standing position and I had to stand against it.  They had me drink out of what looked like a plastic reusable water bottle with the straw coming out of it.  The drink was thicker than a milk shake and tasted like chalk.  It was so awful.  At first, I was just gulping, but then slowed down because it started to make my stomach sick.  So, as I drank it, they were taking x-rays of my esophagus.  Let me just also tell you that I had to fast.  This did not help the sick feeling in my stomach from the drink.

Once that part was finished, they told me to hold on as they lowered the bed back in to a laying position with me on it.  I then had to lay on my stomach and drink another bottle while they took pictures from a different angle.  This drink was better in the sense that it wasn't extremely thick, but the taste was just as awful. 

Thankfully, after about 20 minutes, they were done.  I was allowed to change back in to my clothes and they gave me some delicious cranberry juice to help get the awful taste out my mouth.

Now, I just have to wait to hear back from the doctor and hope it's good news.  I will wait until Friday and if I don't hear anything, I'll call them.

Hope everyone is having a Happy hump day!

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