Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Well Rested? What is that?

Well rested is a past time for me.  Having a toddler, especially one that is teething and growing makes that somewhat impossible.

At 2 months our little one started sleeping through the night.  Then, around 8 months or so, he started waking in the middle of the night again.  It can vary between 1 to 2 times a night.  He is now just about 13 months and it's still happening.  We are lucky if we get one night during the week to sleep through the night.

By 6:30am every morning, our munchkin is up for the day.  This wouldn't be so terrible if the interrupted sleep one to two times before that didn't occur.  When he wakes up in the middle of the night, he screams and cries so loudly.  We can't let him cry it out because we are in a condo & have neighbors on each side.  We've tried everything and the only thing that will soothe him and put him back to bed is a bottle.  I would love to break this routine, but not sure what to do.  The doctor says if that is what he wants, then give it to him.

Teething is really bad right now, but he doesn't like teethers.  We've tried baby teething gel and tablets and neither help. 

Exhaustion is an understatement some days, but I manage to make it through.  Today, exhaustion is an understatement and he actually did better last night.  The night before he gave us a full night.  So, why am I so spent?  My face looks like I haven't slept in days this morning.  Thankfully, we are staying in and don't have anywhere to be.  The weather definitely isn't helping since it's very dark, rainy, and the wind sounds like it's going to rip through the house.

My husband keeps saying it's not forever because it helps him get through the days of little rest.  I know that's true, but sometimes it's hard.  I daydream of going to a spa for an entire day and just being pampered.  That sounds so divine. 

I'm sure I'll be posting more about this.  Until then, Happy Tuesday and hope it's a well rested one for you.


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