Monday, September 20, 2010

Continuing to surprise us.....

My Grandfather is a strong man.  Friday, they told us it was pretty much a waiting game and a a matter of time.  Yesterday, he had his coloring back, was sitting up, and talking up a storm. 

This morning, the doctor has said they are taking him off his blood pressure medication because it is now stable and he is holding his own.  This is wonderful news.  If he continues to do so well and get stronger, they will do a minor procedure in a month.  The procedure will help him to be able to urinate on his own.  Right now, they have a catheter in because he is unable to do so.  Due to this, they aren't sure how his kidneys will hold up.  They are doing okay right now, but this can take a toll.  The doctor did say that patients sometimes live with a permanent catheter and so we'll see.

So, right now, things are brighter. 

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