Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Storm Clouds Came Rolling Back In

Just as it gets a little brighter, the storm clouds come rolling back in.  As I posted earlier this week here, my Grandfather was doing better. 

Unfortunately, I heard otherwise yesterday.  The doctor has informed the family that there truly is nothing more they can do.  My Grandfather's kidneys are failing, which is going to cause everything to start shutting down.  It's already to a point where he can't even move his own body.  He has to be fed because he can't even move his arms.  Eating is even a challenge now.  Swallowing is hard for him to do, so they are trying to get him to at least eat chicken broth, yogurt, and things of a similar nature. 

It's a very sad time.  He doesn't look like himself anymore, which makes it harder for everyone.  He is extremely thin and it's hard to understand him when he talks.  The voice doesn't even sound like my Gramps. 

It is now officially a waiting game which is very rough.  It's sad and so difficult to see him like this, to see his pain increase daily.  It's tough to hear him ask if everyone's playing a trick on him because everyone has been there to see him. 

Now, we just hope and pray that they are doing everything they can to make him as comfortable as possible. 

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