Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Holiday Season Has Arrived - SHUTTERFLY Holiday Card Review....

It's that time of year!  The time for the holiday season to begin, to be with family & friends, and to start preparing / shopping.

One of the things I look forward to most is picking out and ordering our family holiday cards.   This is a very important part of the holidays.  Ever since my husband and I got married, we started doing a photo holiday card.  Now that we have a child, having a photo is a Must.  We love being able to share a great photo or a few with our family and friends at such a special time.

It's also important that the cards are great quality, that we can personalize them, and they aren't overpriced.  We also like having different card designs / templates to choose from.  The place that we go to and love is Shutterfly.  They provide everything I mentioned above and more. 

I love that this Love 2010 Christmas Card allows us to put 2 photos (one of the family and one of our son), as well as bring friends / family up to date on big events that happened in 2010. 

Photo Holiday Cards are our favorite and there are over 700 to choose from at Shutterfly.

Another thing that is very important to us and that we are going to pass on to our son, is to send Christmas Thank You cards for every gift / nice gesture we receive.

I love the Merry Berry Stripes Photo Thank You card. 
 For a non-photo Thank You card, I love the Merry Little Penguins. It is perfect.  There are 3 penguins, 1 for each of us, has the year, and we can personalize with our family name.

Shutterfly offers so many different options, from holiday photo cards, to holiday thank you cards, holiday invitations, and even New Year's cards.  Check out all they have to offer here.

We use Shutterfly for all of our photo needs, so there is no doubt that we are using them for our holiday photo cards and thank you cards this year. 

Are you a Blogger and interested and receiving 50 FREE holiday cards from Shutterfly?  Then, go over here to Shutterfly for more information.

This post is part of a blog series hosted by Shutterfly.  After submitting the form, I received an email stating that I was selected.  All opinions in this post are my own.   

Have a Happy start to the holiday season!!

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