Friday, October 29, 2010

Seriously, Stop Complaining Already!

Do you have someone in your life, even just an acquaintance that does nothing but constantly complain?  Oh, there are a few that I know.  Not only do they complain, but they do NOTHING to change what they are complaining about.  It has really driven me crazy at times.

There are two specific people that are habitual complainers.  No matter how you try and help them, it's like talking to a brick wall.  So, they won't help themselves or listen to / accept help from others.  Every day on FB, there are quite a few posts from each and they are 99.5% of the time complaints and negativity.  The statement, Misery Loves Company rings so true when it comes to these individuals.

One is a family member and I used to always feel so bad and I occasionally still do.  However, I've reached out and so have all other family members on millions of occasions.  I used to feel guilty about mentioning things I did / place I went with my husband  and now my husband & baby.   Anything happy or positive I would be hesitant to share because my mood would usually be turned in to feeling down.  I personally don't like negativity or want to be around it.  I certainly don't want my child to be around that.

I just wish these people would stop complaining if they aren't going to at least try to help themselves, try to make their lives happier.  Nobody else can do it for them.  They have to be willing to make a change. It just starts to take a toll on others.

Hoping everyone has a Happy, Complaint Free weekend!  :-)

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